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February 14, 2023
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Case Study Banking & Financial Services

Case Study Banking & Financial ServicesCase Study Banking & Financial Services
Luc Burgelman
Luc Burgelman
Executive Partner
Niek De Taeye
Niek De Taeye

If Banks, Insurance & other financial service companies were driven by the same metrics and KPI’s leading tech companies use, we would live in a totally different world

Every interaction would be proactive, seamless and efficient, customer retention & satisfaction would skyrocket and money would know no legislative, geographical or transactional borders at all.

But alas … this is not the case… yet.

The Madison.Partners Methodology supports banks & financial services transition through the 6 stages of data maturity, leading to continuous digital growth. Most companies think they are making good progress, having the pilots to support these claims. However to reach company wide data maturity, there is still a long way to go. In reality, several departments remain stuck in level 3, weighing heavily on costs & efficiency related data initiatives.

Banks and financial services face several challenges in becoming 100% data driven:

  • Data Quality and Integration: Financial institutions often have siloed data systems that don't integrate well with each other, leading to poor data quality and inconsistent data across the organization.
  • Data Privacy and Security: The sensitive nature of financial data requires strict security measures to protect it from unauthorized access, theft, and manipulation.
  • Regulation and Compliance: Financial institutions are heavily regulated, and data privacy and security regulations can vary between countries and regions. They must ensure that their data management practices comply with all relevant regulations.
  • Legacy Systems: Many financial institutions have outdated IT systems that were not designed to handle the volume and complexity of data that they generate and use today. Updating these systems can be a major challenge.
  • Cultural Resistance: Financial institutions may have a traditional, risk-averse culture that is resistant to change, making it difficult to adopt new data-driven technologies and processes.
  • Talent and Skill Gaps: Finding and retaining data scientists, engineers, and other experts with the necessary skills to support a data-driven organization can be difficult and expensive.
  • Data Ownership and Governance: Clearly defining data ownership and establishing effective data governance can be a challenge, particularly in large organizations with multiple stakeholders and decision-makers.

Overcoming these challenges requires a strong commitment to data-driven decision making, investment in technology and talent, and the development of effective data governance and management practices.

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Industries in transition

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Banking & Financial Services

Case Study Banking & Financial ServicesCase Study Banking & Financial Services

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Luc Burgelman

CEO Luc Burgelman has a career long experience transforming organizations into data driven companies and building the tools to do so. He (co-)founded, funded and chaired over 20+ data companies and advised +100s. Thanks to his unsurpassed know how & knowledge, the Madison Partners Methodology pushes any company into the next digital league.

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