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February 14, 2023
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Case Study HR & Social Services

Case Study HR & Social ServicesCase Study HR & Social Services
Luc Burgelman
Luc Burgelman
Executive Partner
Niek De Taeye
Niek De Taeye

HR & social service companies are data companies by nature. With their dual sided business model, they have both company AND consumer data streams to feed & maintain.

All of them dream of building strong, loyal communities, only few know where to begin. Most struggle to identify the best solutions and how to use data to increase retention.  

The Madison.Partners Methodology helps HR & social service companies transition through the 6 stages of data maturity smarter, more efficiently and with faster ROI.

The main challenges are:

  • Data Management: HR & social services have large amounts of data to process, but they often lack proper data management systems to store, categorize, and analyze the data.
  • Data Quality: Data quality is a critical issue in HR & social services as incorrect data can result in incorrect decisions, ineffective programs and services, and data breaches.
  • Integration of Systems: HR & social services use various systems and software for different purposes, but they may not be integrated, making it difficult to exchange and analyze data.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Protecting personal information and ensuring privacy is a big challenge in HR & social services, particularly in a digital environment where data is easily accessible.
  • Data Culture: HR & social services need to develop a data culture where employees are trained to understand and use data effectively.
  • Lack of Technical Expertise: Many HR & social services do not have the technical expertise to implement and use data analytics effectively, leading to an over-reliance on manual processes.
  • Resistance to Change: Finally, HR & social services often face resistance to change from employees and stakeholders who may be comfortable with traditional practices and may not understand the benefits of a data-driven approach.

Curious what your priorities in the next 6 months should be?  

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Industries in transition

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HR & Social Services

Case Study HR & Social ServicesCase Study HR & Social Services

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Luc Burgelman

CEO Luc Burgelman has a career long experience transforming organizations into data driven companies and building the tools to do so. He (co-)founded, funded and chaired over 20+ data companies and advised +100s. Thanks to his unsurpassed know how & knowledge, the Madison Partners Methodology pushes any company into the next digital league.

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