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February 14, 2023
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Case Study Manufacturing & Logistics

Case Study Manufacturing & LogisticsCase Study Manufacturing & Logistics
Luc Burgelman
Luc Burgelman
Executive Partner
Navaron Walraeve
Navaron Walraeve

Manufacturing & logistics have a wide range of data gathering to cover. The entire supply chain should be monitored and enhanced up & downstream.

Strategic & operational planning should deliver tactical value & maximize efficiency once optimized and controlled.

The evolution and choice of products should be data driven. The sales & distribution process entail equally important data gathering aspects.  What do clients need, when & where do they need it, how often and why? This data will steer all decision making and production in the future.

The main challenges are:

  • Data Quality and Accuracy: Manufacturing and logistics industries have large amounts of data generated from multiple sources, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of data is a significant challenge.
  • Integration of Systems: Integrating disparate systems and data sources, such as ERP, CRM, and supply chain management systems, is challenging and requires significant investments in technology and resources.
  • Cybersecurity: With the increasing reliance on technology, the threat of cyber attacks is a major concern for the manufacturing and logistics industries, which need to secure their data from unauthorized access or theft.
  • Data Privacy: The collection and use of sensitive personal data in the manufacturing and logistics industries raise questions about privacy and data protection, and companies must ensure they comply with relevant regulations.
  • Skills Shortage: There is a shortage of skilled data analysts and experts who can help companies implement and manage data-driven initiatives, which can hinder their ability to become 100% data-driven.
  • Resistance to Change: Companies may face resistance from employees and stakeholders who are resistant to change, or who lack the skills or technical knowledge to work in a data-driven environment.
  • Cost: Implementing data-driven initiatives can be expensive, and many companies face significant financial challenges in investing in technology, resources, and talent to become 100% data-driven.

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Industries in transition

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Manufacturing & Logistics

Case Study Manufacturing & LogisticsCase Study Manufacturing & Logistics
Cindy Van Moorleghem - IVC Group

Cindy Van Moorleghem - IVC Group

Brand & Marketing Director

"Madison.Partners expertly established our program management approach, resulting in a transparent roadmap."

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Luc Burgelman

CEO Luc Burgelman has a career long experience transforming organizations into data driven companies and building the tools to do so. He (co-)founded, funded and chaired over 20+ data companies and advised +100s. Thanks to his unsurpassed know how & knowledge, the Madison Partners Methodology pushes any company into the next digital league.

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