Madison Partners vastly accelerates yourdata transformation journey withtheir proven methodology.

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Data Maturity

Our trademarked “Data maturity assessment” offers a company-wide deep scan of your people, processes and systems & tells you exactly what challenges you currently face and how you compare to the competition.

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Design Your
Data Strategy

This clear insight offers the ideal C level alignment for prioritizing your business KPI’s and use cases into a hands-on data strategy and data transformation roadmap. We include many quick wins to enhance the experience, cut costs and offer immediate ROI.

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Our online Stratephy platform and experienced team, including CEO & Data Thought Leader Luc Burgelman, help avoid the usual roadblocks and pitfalls and push you into the next digital league.

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What Makes


Learn from Digital Natives

Our team is made up of (former) tech entrepreneurs and individuals with extensive experience working for digital natives, with a strong emphasis on data strategies. By collaborating with us, we can give your company a 10-year leap courtesy to their skills.

A bespoke strategy for  your organisation

Together with our team, we develop a data strategy tailored to your organization. We examine how we can improve your products or services digitally, we start projects to grow the quantity and the quality of customers, but we also consider how we can reduce expenses so that your organization can work more effectively. All of this immediately improves corporate performance across the board, not just in terms of data.

Get a designated data partner

We choose to work with designated people for each client. This way, the program manager gets to know every aspect of the organisation and we can execute and implement the data strategy roadmap. This strategy is constantly evolving, as it depends on all corporate operations.

Guaranteed Return On

As we adapt your business DNA to become more data-driven, we can pledge a return on your investment. These profound strategic adjustments are always decided together, but are guaranteed to increase revenue. Data-driven organizations delegate decision-making to data, and this has always worked to their long-term advantage.

Pragmatic & fast solutions

Our approach is fast and pragmatic. Our unique focus on data strategy makes us experts in this domain. The company wide deep scan ensures we take into account all current and future use cases. Budget and organizational readiness prioritize the journey. Our roadmap always leads to a realistic outcome and this within a short timeframe. We are an independent company and always act without conflict of interest. We have no preferred partners and work with your current technical and executional partners.

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