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Karin Van Mosseveld

Madison.Partners guided us to define a digital and data driven strategy, assisting our employees to better service our clients and enabling i-mens’ commitment to be a 100% client focused care organization.

Karin Van Mosseveld
Wilbert Ingels

Thanks to Madison.Partners we vastly accelerated the definition of our data strategy. We now have an excellent roadmap with clear priorities as well as a no nonsense implementation plan for our organization.

Wilbert Ingels
 Christophe Gyselinck, Anticimex

"Madison.Partners translated Anticimex "strategy 2025" into a prioritized roadmap balancing data-driven use cases."

Christophe Gyselinck, Anticimex
Managing Director
Ijlal Syed - Galapagos

"Madison.Partners seamlessly bridged the gap between our data & analytics capabilities and people/processes."

Ijlal Syed - Galapagos
International Business Analytics Lead
Cindy Van Moorleghem - IVC Group

"Madison.Partners expertly established our program management approach, resulting in a transparent roadmap."

Cindy Van Moorleghem - IVC Group
Brand & Marketing Director
Ariane Berckmoes - Federal Insurance

Madison.Partners aligned our business objectives & IT foundations and succeeded in getting a company-wide handshake on the digital strategy, roles & responsabilities.

Ariane Berckmoes - Federal Insurance

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Banking & Financial Services
Case Study Banking & Financial Services

Case Study Banking & Financial Services

If Banks, Insurance & other financial service companies were driven by the same metrics and KPI’s leading tech companies use, we would live in a totally different world.

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Case Study HR & Social Services

Case Study HR & Social Services

HR & social service companies are data companies by nature. With their dual sided business model, they have both company AND consumer data streams to feed & maintain.

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Case Study Manufacturing & Logistics

Case Study Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & logistics have a wide range of data gathering to cover. The entire supply chain should be monitored and enhanced up & downstream. Strategic & operational planning should deliver tactical value & maximize efficiency once optimized and controlled.

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This clear insight offers the ideal C level alignment for prioritizing your business KPI’s and use cases into a hands-on data strategy and data transformation roadmap. We include many quick wins to enhance the experience, cut costs and offer immediate ROI.

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