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June 9, 2023
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Win the very first Data Maturity Award from Madison.Partners & delaware

Win the very first Data Maturity Award from Madison.Partners & delaware
Navaron Walraeve
Navaron Walraeve

Win the very first Data Maturity Award from Madison.Partners & delaware

That AI technology is at the top of the hype cycle is undeniable. However, all too often, what underpins this miraculous software—and every successful data-driven organization—is forgotten: a solid data strategy. To emphasize the importance of this foundation, Data Strategy Consultancy Madison Partners, together with Delaware, are organizing the very first "Data Maturity Award." All companies are eligible to compete for this accolade, but only the organization with the highest score will claim the honors. While the adage "participating is more important than winning" certainly applies here, as simply completing the Data Maturity Quickscan and receiving thorough feedback will significantly benefit everyone.

"At Madison Partners, every project begins with this Data Maturity Scan," explains Madison Partners CEO Luc Burgelman. "We have identified six levels that organizations traditionally go through to become fully data-driven, along with the typical steps involved at each level to progress. We have found that this approach provides solid guidance and structure to the data journey of the companies that approach us. Essentially, it involves defining the appropriate organizational structure and hiring new profiles to support the transformation towards a more data-driven company. Through this award, we aim to bring attention to the right process and help accelerate the Belgian economy. In times of recession, every euro can make a competitive difference, so we are happy to contribute our part."

Those who wish to participate only need to set aside about five minutes. The quickscan can be completed in no time. Each participant will receive feedback on their position on the so-called data maturity curve. The top 10 organizations with the highest scores will be carefully evaluated against each other through a deep scan to determine an objective winner.

Pieter Hebben, partner delaware, underlines the overall mission: “We believe that growing the data maturity in your company is a must to remain successful in the future. A solid data foundation that is realized through best practices in data management and which results in high-quality data, improves decision-making at all levels and identifies new opportunities for growth. As the responsible for Data & AI at delaware, I see it as my mission to offer our customers all the required services and tools to assist them in reaching a higher level of data maturity.

From that point of view, we share similar goals with Madison Partners. We strongly believe in the power of the network and see them as part of our broader ecosystem. As such, we at times join forces to be able to offer a comprehensive suite of services for each level in both our customers’ organizations, covering everything from data strategy and governance to implementation and optimization.”

Take the quickscan now!


The top 10 organisation will all be invited for a FREE Data Maturity Deepscan. The top ranker will win the very first Data Maturity Award!

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June 9, 2023

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